Led Lighting

We attempt the stock, plan and establishment of energy LED lighting frameworks for enormous business structures the nation over.

(This incorporates plants, stockrooms, huge games corridors, display areas and presentation focuses). Like any aesthetic endeavor, the lighting should flow from one area into the next, and not be a series of jarring transitions.   Going from a dark, richly paneled hallway with cove lighting in the ceiling, and upward facing sconces on the wall.


If you need to update, or if you’re faced with the results of somebody else’s questionable choices, we can replace and/or retrofit down lights, table lamps, chandeliers, and under cabinet lights with quality LED products. You’re not “stuck” and you don’t have to “live with it”; we are experts at design, redesign, and reconstruction.


  • It is vital to understand the difference between LED lamps.

  • which are designed for interior use as opposed to those designed for exterior use.
  • LED lights for exterior applications are specifically designed to be weather resistant.

  • and generally designed with much greater power-handling and brightness. 
  • Those LEDs designed for interior uses provide adequate lighting for that purpose.

  • however they are not weather resistant, and their power loading is much lower. It is inappropriate to substitute one for the other.

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