Smoke/Co Detectors

We offer an assortment of smoke alerts, carbon monoxide (CO) finders and blend smoke and CO cautions.

To assist with giving you significant serenity realizing your home and friends and family are secured. Smoke and CO alerts ought to be introduced on each level and in each room of your home. Once you have your safety devices installed, they must be maintained to ensure they work properly.

smoke-detector The placement of smoke detectors is very important. Sleeping areas within a home are the most important and need the most protection. One should be installed in every sleeping area, one on every floor of a multiple story residence, and one in every common hallway. If the hallway is greater than 30 feet, smoke detectors should be placed at both ends for the most protection. Smoke detectors should also be placed at the top of every stairwell.


  • Install smoke alarms on the ceiling whenever possible.  

  • Sometimes, installation on a wall is required due to the configuration or type of ceiling.
  • When installing smoke alarms, stay clear from air handling ducts, ceiling fans, and "dead spaces" too close to the walls.

  • All three areas could prevent the smoke alarm from going off!
  • Install your smoke alarms in all the right places!  

  • They include, in every sleeping area, common hallways outside of sleeping rooms, dens, living rooms, basements, and at least one alarm on every level of the home.

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